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When browsing the internet for beautiful home design inspiration, you may start noticing modern aluminum doors showing up more frequently. Sleek and metallic, yet warm and welcoming, these aluminum doors attract the eye with their contemporary aesthetic. But with so many options and features to consider, you likely have questions swirling as well. How much do these versatile aluminum doors actually cost? Will they fit my budget? Are they worth the investment? This article will explore aluminum door costs in-depth, so you can determine if these doors are the right choice to bring your design dreams to life. 

Aluminum has emerged as a rising star among door materials. Once relegated to utilitarian industrial settings, aluminum now graces dwellings of all styles with its silvery sophistication and eco-friendly attributes. Advancements in finishes and fabrication allow aluminum to mimic premium wood grains and ironwork, while remaining remarkably durable and energy-efficient. Though aluminum doors command a premium price, their value reflects long-lasting performance and suitability for an array of aesthetics from traditional to modern. 

When calculating your aluminum door cost, factor in the door type, size, glass features, hardware, installation quotes, and long-term energy savings, and low maintenance needs. With prudent selection guided by your design and budget, aluminum doors can provide lasting style, safety, efficiency, and value. Expect to pay $1,000 – $3,000 for a basic single aluminum door, while larger specialty doors run $5,000 – $10,000 installed. Read on to explore this versatile material shaping both interior and exterior spaces. 

How Much Does an Aluminum Door Cost? 

Glamor of Aluminum Doors 

What is driving the growing trend toward aluminum doors? Let’s examine some of the top reasons homeowners are choosing these durable and energy-efficient doors. 

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Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and rot, allowing aluminum doors to last for decades with proper care. The exceptional longevity means you can enjoy the benefits of aluminum doors for the long haul without the need for frequent replacements required by other materials. 

Low Maintenance 

Beyond just being durable, aluminum doors are also a breeze to maintain. Aluminum requires very little maintenance – just occasional cleaning with soap and water is all that’s needed to keep your doors looking pristine. No refinishing or repainting is required! This makes aluminum doors perfect for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance upgrade. 

Energy Efficiency 

Properly insulated aluminum doors offer excellent thermal performance. Aluminum itself is conductive, but high-quality aluminum doors are designed with thermal breaks that prevent heat or cold transfer through the frame. This results in energy savings as your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard due to reduced air leakage. Going green starts right at your front door


On top of being energy-efficient, aluminum is also an eco-friendly material choice. Aluminum production utilizes minimal raw materials, and aluminum doors contain a high recycled content. At the end of their lifespan, aluminum doors are fully recyclable. For the environmentally-conscious homeowner, aluminum doors are a sustainable upgrade. 

Style and Customization 

With aluminum doors, you need not sacrifice style for functionality. Aluminum doors are available in a diverse range of colors and finishes, from bold hues to natural wood looks. Want a modern, industrial vibe? Go for a sleek anodized aluminum finish. For a traditional suburban home, pick warm wooden tones using aluminum’s powder coating capabilities. You can also choose from countless door styles, from classic French doors to expansive bi-folding doors. Aluminum doors can be customized to match your personal tastes. 

Exploring Your Aluminum Door Options 

Let’s get into some of the most popular aluminum door styles for homes and their key benefits. 

Sliding Aluminum Doors 

Sliding glass doors are a common application for aluminum framing. Aluminum sliding doors offer a space-saving design, sliding along tracks to open without swinging out and requiring minimal clearance. Stackable sliding panels are ideal for optimizing views and allowing access to outdoor spaces. With large glass panels, these doors usher in abundant natural light as well. 

Casement Aluminum Doors 

If you prefer a more traditional look, casement doors are an excellent aluminum option. Casement doors feature side hinges and open outward like a window. This allows for full, unobstructed views when the door is open. Casement doors also facilitate great cross-ventilation due to how the door sits perpendicular to the frame when open. If you like to catch fresh breezes, casement doors are for you. 

Bi-fold Aluminum Doors 

For grand entrances and seamless indoor-outdoor living, aluminum bi-folding doors are hard to beat. Multiple door panels accordion-fold and stack to one or both sides, opening up entire walls and creating unbroken sightlines. This free-flowing effect works beautifully in living spaces. Bi-fold doors come in various configurations, with up to 8 panels possible. More panels mean larger potential openings. 

More Aluminum Door Options 

Beyond these popular styles, aluminum doors are also commonly used for French doors with decorative window panes, weighty pivot doors, barn-style doors on tracks, and simple patio slider doors. With the right aluminum door choice, any architectural vision can become a reality. 

Considerations Before Installation 

While aluminum doors offer many benefits, there are some important factors to consider before installation — 

Cost Breakdown 

The cost of an aluminum door depends on several variables, including: 

Door type – Simple sliding doors cost less than intricate French door designs. 

Size – Larger doors naturally require more materials and cost more. 

Glass – Insulated or decorative glass drives up the price. 

Hardware – More complex locking mechanisms and handles increase costs. 

Finishes and colors – Custom finishes like wooden veneers or multiple powder coat layers add cost. 

Condensation Concerns 

The high conductivity of aluminum can lead to exterior condensation if thermal breaks are not used in the door construction. Quality aluminum doors specifically designed to prevent condensation are a must in humid climates or certain multi-climate zone installations. Proper sealing is also essential. 

Security Features 

Aluminum doors must be equipped with sturdy locking systems and reinforced frames to offer security. Multi-point locks provide optimal strength. Choosing doors with robust construction is important for safety and peace of mind. 

Estimated Aluminum Door Costs 

So how much will that aluminum door ultimately cost for your home? Here are some ballpark figures — 

Aluminum Sliding Patio Doors 

A basic single 3-foot wide x 6-foot 8-inch tall aluminum sliding patio door runs $800 – $1,500 installed. This assumes a simple handle and no decorative glass. 

For a larger 6-foot wide x 6-foot 8-inch aluminum sliding door, expect to pay $1,600 – $3,000 installed. The larger size leads to a higher cost. 

Aluminum French Doors 

Basic aluminum French doors start around $1,000 – $2,500 for a 3-foot wide x 6-foot 8-inch opening. This includes two operational door panels with single-pane glass. 

More elaborate true divided lite French doors with insulated decorative glass panes of the same size average $3,000 – $6,500 installed. The glass options make these doors costlier. 

Aluminum Bi-fold Doors 

An opening-width pair of aluminum bi-fold doors 6 feet wide x 6 foot 8 inches tall generally runs $1,800 – $3,600 installed. This assumes basic hardware and minimal glass panels. 

For sprawling 12-foot wide aluminum bi-fold doors, expect the pricing of $5,000 – $10,000 installed. More door panels drive the cost upward. 

In short, 

Door Type Size Cost Range Installed 
Aluminum Sliding Patio Door Single 3′ x 6’8″ $800 – $1,500 
Aluminum Sliding Patio Door Double 6′ x 6’8″ $1,600 – $3,000 
Aluminum French Door Single 3′ x 6’8″ $1,000 – $2,500 
Aluminum French Door with Decorative Glass Single 3′ x 6’8″ $3,000 – $6,500 
Aluminum Bi-fold Door 6′ Opening Width x 6’8″ Height $1,800 – $3,600 
Aluminum Bi-fold Door 12′ Opening Width x 6’8″ Height $5,000 – $10,000 

These figures illustrate how aluminum door pricing can vary widely depending on exact specifications. Getting multiple installation quotes is key. 

Installation Process Overview 

Installing aluminum doors takes precision work. In general, the process involves – 

a) Taking exact measurements of the door opening. 

b) Preparing the rough opening, including framing reinforcement. 

c) Fitting the aluminum door frame securely into the opening. Hinges, tracks, etc are attached at this stage per the door type. 

d) Adjusting the door unit for proper operation, closing, and sealing against the weatherstripping. 

e) Installing the door hardware including the locks and handles. 

f) Sealing gaps and making final adjustments to ensure proper functioning. 

g) Applying finishes like paint if needed as a final step. 

Specific installation procedures vary based on the door type. For example, sliding doors require laying horizontal tracks while French doors need hinges mounted. 

Are Replacement Aluminum Doors Worth It? 

Given the higher upfront cost of quality aluminum doors, you may wonder – are they actually worth the investment? 

Energy Savings Over Time 

The energy efficiency of properly insulated aluminum doors means you can recoup some of the initial purchase price over time through lower heating and cooling bills. Less draftiness provides real energy savings. 

Lower Long-Term Maintenance 

Aluminum’s longevity and resistance to wear means no frequent repainting or costly repairs down the road. Factor in these long-term savings on maintenance. 

Added Home Value 

Attractive, modern aluminum doors can boost your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Upgrading old inefficient doors also prepares the home for selling. 

For most homeowners, the benefits of aluminum doors justify the initial expense when taking the long view. Focus on your needs and compare installation quotes to find doors with a value that fits your budget. 

Popular FAQs  

Can I install aluminum doors myself? 

Installation is complex and best left to professionals, but simpler aluminum sliding screen doors may be DIY-friendly. Consider your skills before attempting. 

Are aluminum doors better at blocking noise? 

Yes, well-constructed aluminum doors effectively block outdoor noise when closed, providing quiet spaces. 

What are the most popular aluminum door colors? 

Along with natural aluminum tones, black and white remain timeless. Bronze and wood-mimicking finishes are also popular. 


With their unmatched strength and durability paired with design versatility, aluminum doors are a home upgrade that delivers. They require minimal upkeep while providing energy savings and custom style. Costs range widely based on size, finishes, glass, and hardware selected. While aluminum doors come at a premium price, their longevity and low maintenance make them a smart long-term investment that can enhance your home for decades to come. Take time to understand your options, get multiple installation quotes, and choose aluminum doors that give you the best mix of aesthetics, functionality, and value for your budget. Your home will thank you! 

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